Here are some of the services we have to offer;

Managed IT


You may not know what is going on with your IT Infrastructure.  Choose a model that will improve stability and productivity by developing IT strategies, policies and processes to answer your IT needs.  Gotec is your IT architect of choice to manage your IT projects, be involved in consultations and design. We will build your infrastructure using the best resources available to accomplish and maintain the level of service required to meet your expectations and/or offer support to your existing internal IT team.


We provide direct Help Desk Support to your users using a ticketing system with remote solutions for fast resolutions.  From solving problems on your network to hardware and software support, our support team will help.  Whatever the incident, we restore service when it’s broken in a professional manner following industry standards while keeping the interaction with your staff as human as possible.  Our Service Desk is the point of focus of our IT services for requests or problems.  The support is offered in English and in French.



We manage small to large businesses networks.  Gotec delivers ingenious solutions either for local networks or in the cloud.  From deploying and designing reliable connected networks (LAN/WAN), switches, firewalls,  WiFi and VoiP systems is what we do best.  Our expertise and technical support solves connectivity issues before they happen.



We plan, build and manage your servers(Linux/Windows…) by offering on-site or remote support.  We specialize in providing solutions and support for stable access (24 hours) that are either in your local server farm/room or in the cloud.  We provide solutions to bring your services/apps to the cloud and get rid of expensive hardware purchases.


Whatever your company size, we offer flexible IT Support including remote and on-site maintenance to manage your computer fleet maintaining your inventories.  Gotec also offers assistance to home users where they can benefit from the expertise of our technicians. With over 15 years of experience providing IT Support Services, we are in control to fix any IT issues quickly.



Your applications and their data are important!  We offer the best solutions aligned with your budget to maintain your data; either local or in the cloud.  Our expertise in virtualization will increase your cost saving.  Our knowledge with redundancy will provide you steady access and our ability to develop disaster recovery scenarios and planning will secure your productivity data in case of a failure.


With our flat monthly rate plan your staff get direct unlimited* access to Gotec’s On Demand help desk support. IT has to be up and running to maximize your profitability. That’s why we have comprehensive IT support where any member of your staff can initiate a request and our experienced agents will ensure they get answers rapidly.

*Unlimited support for any staff member of an organization is offered on contract where Gotec is managing the entire IT systems and IT operations.

7 Days

7 Days

There is no such thing as a flawless network.  Problems can arise at any time.  This is why we offer 24/7** support to our customers that choose us as their managed services provider on a flat-rate plan.

**24/7 support is offered for customers on contract only where Gotec is managing the entire IT systems and has a remote access to the network.

24 Hours

24 Hours


We speak technology, let us do the quality work!

Our main field of expertise over the past 15 years has consisted of administering and managing technologies within the education/government sector with large and complex networks, building datacenters and server farms using virtualization, creating redundancy and disaster recovery solutions/scenarios/plans.  We also have migration solutions for your services in the cloud ecosystem.

We offer support for VoIP and WiFi, hardware and software procurement and their deployments and deal with major vendors in the technology industry(Cisco, Dell, Fortinet, Avaya, HP/Aruba, APC, Amazon, Microsoft…).  We are able to offer management of enterprise-grade systems for large users environments (computer fleets and its network management, file servers, securing networks with firewalls, inventories and centralizing services.  We also offer training with new implementations.

Thanks for your trust!


Our head office is located in Cornwall, Ontario and we also have satellite offices in Montréal, Ottawa and Trois-Rivières.

Cornwall / Ottawa




* Some conditions apply on the unlimited assistance plan where the service is only available on a monthly term.  Please talk to a representative to review all the details.